Got the flu? The good habits to prevent it.

In winter it is easier that someone in the family gets the flu, especially elders and youngsters. In order to protect ourselves, it is not enough to avoid the contact with sick people because the virus is spread not only through air, but it can also be transmitted by touching the same surfaces, inside and..

5 advices for a happy cohabitation

If you love pets and you love being surrounded by them also inside your house you should pay a lot of attention on hygiene, especially with children. Here are some simple rules to take care of pets and ensuring a safe and clean house as well: Cover surfaces where your pets lay with adsorbent and..

Sports laundry: the right moves

It is great to train, but how not to increase the number of washing programs? When washing sportswear, it is important to remember that they have been worn in places that are densely crowded and where germs and bacteria proliferates faster.Therefore, it is important to sanitize more than just killing out bacteria that cause bad..

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